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"A child is in a dream state accompanied by a spirit wolf named Courage, a manifestation of her own inner courage. As she explores, the pair tackle the girl's fears one by one, in a heart-warming tale of friendship, fears and bravery. Each chapter is a new fear, with the environment and mechanics revealing which fear the child will be batling."

Courage is a cooperative game for the Oculus Rift that I have worked on in a team of 11 students (6 artists and 5 programmers) as a part of our Game Development module at University.

My role in this project was Lead And Environment Artist. I was involved in the ideation and design of the game, as well as sketching some of the locations to explore ideas and the mood. During production, my main task as an Environment artist was to work on the House and the Playground locations, for which I did the design, modelling, texturing, setting up materials and creating collisions. I was also responsible for designing the layout of the map and creating the entire landscape (sculpted base in UE4, then used World Machine from there).

Besides what was mentioned above, here is a list of some other tasks I was responsible for:

-Setting up the lighting and mood of the map
-Placing rocks as well as foliage in the map
-Creating falling animations for a tree and a bridge in Maya to be used for some events in the game
-Overlooking all textures and materials for PBR compatibility, fixing or redoing any that were not compatible
-Overlooking and directing some of the artists, providing any support when needed
-Writing up guideline documents for our art team (i.e. level design, integrating and using Substance tools)
-Co-ordinating a voice actor for Alex character
-Working closely with our programmers to fix any technical art or related bugs or complete tasks that required knowledge of the engine
-Setting up and maintaining level streaming
-Creation of tiling landscape textures (dirt, forest floor, grass, pebbles)
-Creating materials for general things such as panning color overlay for pick-able items, tv static noise, landscape, foliage, camera facing foliage etc.
-Ideation and creation of our trailer videos
-Creation of the scene used as a backdrop for the main-menu
-Texturing of the Alex character, as well as creation of her hair planes
-Creation of box art as well as disc art, and some promotional material

The game was created in Unreal Engine 4. The total length of the project was 12 weeks, during which we had to ideate the game, design it and then develop it. We spent about 3-4 weeks in pre-production, and 7-8 weeks in production. The game had to be presented to a panel of judges (most of whom where from the industry) at the end of the project at Derby Games expo, where it won an award for the "Best Artistic Achievement".

(The train station itself was created by another artist)

A playable demo can be downloaded HERE


Full co-operative gameplay
Full Oculus Rift support
Checkpoint loading/saving

Slingshot weapon to attack enemies and use in puzzles
Can pick up and carry puzzle items
Sanity (health) decreases when overwhelmed by spiders or when separated from the wolf. Regenerates when close to the wolf
Faints (dies) when the sanity runs out
Shouts for help when losing sanity
Head rotates with the camera

Can see spirit objects that are invisible to the child
Howl ability to reveal spirit objects to the child
Growl ability to scare/stun enemies
Is a secondary source of light
Can jump
Changes color when child is losing sanity
Head rotates with the camera
Looks at the child while idling

Spider Queen boss
3 types of normal spiders (ranged, melee, and squad spiders)

6 key locations
5 puzzles
Wildlife (small spiders, bats), flee when approached
Interactive world objects (hanging lantern, football, swings)
Falling tree event
Ghost train approaching event

User Interface:
Full main menu
Full graphical options
In-game pause menu
Network Lobbying

Game Modes:
Network Lan Play
Split Screen Play

Original soundtrack
Voice acting for the child
Forest ambience
Wolf growl/howl
NPC sounds

Recommended Hardware:
CPU: Intel i5/i7 2nd Gen or better
GPU: GTX 760 or better
OS: Windows 8.1
Ram: 8GB
2 Microsoft Xbox 360 Gamepads
Oculus DK2